Operation and Maintenance

Advantage through Experience

The construction of a photovoltaic system (PV system) is technically straightforward and quick. Your PV system's ongoing operation requires continual monitoring in order to be able to achieve optimal yields over its entire lifecycle. Only then can defects be recognised promptly, and expensive standstill periods be avoided.

greentec services is specialised in the technical management of photovoltaic systems. The company, which is based in Switzerland, Austria and Spain, currently manages around 180 PV systems in ten European countries with a peak power of over 285 MWp.

Monitoring and maintenance for maximum availability

All PV systems managed by greentec services are monitored using a web-based monitoring system.

Our control centres in Vienna (Austria) and in Dübendorf (Switzerland) are staffed with experienced engineers around the clock. Faults during ongoing operation or break-downs in a system are immediately recognised and the appropriate remedial action is rapidly initiated.

For this purpose, we work with qualified partners on site all over Europe who have the technical competence to be able to quickly and reliably remedy identified faults.

Furthermore, we execute preventive maintenance works on the systems at regular intervals in order to minimise the probability of faults.

Data analysis and reporting for sustainable yields

As a customer of greentec services, you will receive a monthly, detailed report on the condition of your photovoltaic system. This contains information on the current performance of your investment, reports on possible faults and documentation of all the activities performed by our engineers.

Moreover, the collected data is analysed by our specialists in order to be able to determine even the smallest performance deficits and creeping technical defects. This means we can take appropriate action in good time to ensure the performance of your PV system and avoid any cuts in profits.

Lifecycle-Management and cost control

Regular maintenance operations such as cleaning, renovations and optimisation are carried out during the entire lifecycle of a photovoltaic system. We calculate the economic efficiency of the individual measures and coordinate smooth implementation by external service providers or our own engineering staff within the framework of our lifecycle management. This means that you benefit from having no unnecessary expenditures, as well as complete cost control.

„At greentec services you will find competent conversational partners and suitable services for the maximum availability of your photovoltaic system. We unburden you of all your technical questions and, if requested, will even take charge of the commercial management.“

Paul Chaloupka
CEO, greentec services gmbh

Preventive maintenance

Better Safe than Sorry

The components of today’s photovoltaic systems are not particularly technically demanding, and are mechanically robust. Long-term operation without major interruptions is possible, provided that the correct location has been selected and assembly was effected professionally. Nevertheless, you must be aware that each PV system poses a safety risk due to the generation of direct current. There is an increased risk of fire, especially for roof-mounted systems. When it comes to the operation and maintenance of your system, you can rely on the know-how of our specially trained experts.

Annual maintenance for robust performance

We recommend that you have your photovoltaic system examined by our engineers once a year, and possibly even more frequently in problematic locations. We examine all mechanical and live system components within the framework of this annual maintenance. We repair minor damage to cables or loose connections immediately. Furthermore, through the use of measurements, we examine whether all components that are key for performance and safety are functioning correctly and that all legal regulations are complied with. Though we have a well-functioning international network of partners, we exclusively use our own employees for the annual maintenance works in order to have a close look at your system and to be able to discuss any defects with you directly.

Reports as a means of proof of insurance

We execute annual maintenance with the aid of a comprehensive check list. In doing so, we document each individual operation as well as the results of our investigation in a written report. If damage to your PV system does occur, you can use this document as evidence for your insurance which states that you have complied with the prescribed maintenance intervals and legal regulations. The repair and cancellation expenses incurred will be refunded to you and you can enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep.

„Standstills are always expensive. Our customers are protected against losses caused unscheduled downtimes of your PV system through preventative maintenance. Better safe than sorry.“

Paul Chaloupka
CEO, greentec services gmbh


Active Monitoring Around the Clock

Photovoltaic systems produce electric energy as soon as light touches the solar cells, i.e. from sunrise to sunset. This means that your PV system, depending on the region, is productive from approximately 5 am to 9 pm. In summer, the loss of efficiency or break-down of the system has an immediate negative impact on financial results. Therefore, it is recommended that you monitor your PV system around the clock. Unfortunately, this is not yet performed as standard by many operations and maintenance companies in this sector.

Automatic fault message to the operator

Most PV systems have an automatic fault notification system. Within this, the performance data of the inverter is collected in a data logger. As soon as a fault is recognised - a break-down of the system or a serious deviation of the delivered amount of energy from the nominal value - an alarm is triggered and a message is automatically sent to the operator via the web-portal service. Services of this type usually work reliably and are also used by us.

However, these services only detect obvious faults and deviations, and often issue the alarm with a considerable time lag. This lengthens the response time and therefore also limits the desired system availability. Another shortcoming is the profit cut caused by creeping shadowing, the break-down of individual string fuses, fluctuations in electricity supplies during the day or malfunctions of the web portal, which are often not recognised at all by these services.

How can we prevent gaps in monitoring?

Furthermore, the devices frequently generate fault messages, especially in the winter, due to changing conditions - e.g. when it snows - although there are no actual system problems. Often the messages are not even analysed at all by many operators because of the large number of fault alarms triggered during winter.

Within this, a detailed inspection must be carried out by a specialist in the control centre for each individual case in order to identify the actual fault on the PV system and be able to remedy it as quickly as possible.

Fault and failure management monitoring around the clock

greentec services therefore offers you remote monitoring of your photovoltaic system all year round. Our central control centre (advantage operation center AOC) is staffed around the clock, even on weekends and national holidays. Our experts analyse the incoming messages and, if failure occurs, they ensure speedy remedial action by employing a qualified engineer on site. The fact that we specialise in the technical operation of photovoltaic systems means that our technicians know all the fault patterns and are best equipped to respond to irregularities.

„greentec services is in favour of smooth monitoring and comprehensive fault management. This means that we are able to guarantee maximum availability of your photovoltaic system. You will benefit from significant acquired surplus during the lifecycle of your system.“

Michael Rindhauser
CTO, greentec services gmbh


Quick and Reliable

In the event of a incident, greentec services experts respond within minutes. As soon as a fault is registered in your system, our incident-management system starts. In this process, we use a sophisticated ticketing system for quick processing, optimal transparency and a standardised procedure. We revert to our international network of partners and ensure the quickest possible help on site if the fault cannot be remedied by our control centre via remote maintenance. Within this, we exclusively work with well-qualified experts and companies that fulfill the high quality requirements of greentec services.

Furthermore, as an independent service provider, we also supervise PV systems of all manufacturers. No matter which technology is used, we ensure support around the clock. We are familiar with all the current monitoring systems and know the contact persons responsible at the different manufacturers due to our long-term system support. This is important in order to be able to help you with your problems quickly and appropriately.

Short response and recovery times

The specialists in our support centres always support external technicians and service providers with on-site operations. If necessary, our own technicians carry out complex operations. If your PV system is monitored by greentec services, you will benefit from quick response and recovery times in the event of a fault. As a result, the repair and travel costs incurred are often lower than those of several competitors due to the tightly knit network of partners.

„Quick, competent help in the event of a fault is crucial for your photovoltaic system to be connected to the grid network as quickly as possible. greentec services guarantees particularly short response and recovery times.“

Pierre Chmiel
CEO, greentec services spain s.l.






The performance of a photovoltaic system is not easy to identify. This is because the current yield position alone has little significance in terms of the actual performance of a PV system and its optimisation.

Our employees have the necessary know-how concerning the technology and functionality of a PV system in order to be able to carry out precise analysis. For this, all the values measured in your system are subject to critical analysis in order to identify even the smallest output losses and creeping technical defects.

Each month, we calculate the actually achieved performance and suggest improvements which, if required, can be implemented rapidly in order to continue to increase the yield of your system.

„The foundation of our individual performance-analysis includes the complete measurement data from each PV system, your critical review and the sophisticated calculation of economic efficiency. Using reliable figures and recommendations, we provide our clients with a real added value.“

Paul Chaloupka
CEO, greentec services gmbh

Monthly report

for Your PV System

As an owner of a photovoltaic system, you would like to receive regular information on the condition of your investment. We keep you up-to-date with a monthly report. The comparison of the target and actual yield level is a central component. This makes it possible to see at a single glance whether the figures are correct.

Yields and technology at a glance

In addition to performance, we also document the technical condition of your PV system. Was the maintenance operation carried out on time? Was a repair necessary or did our employees recognise that a fundamental technical reconditioning would be worthwhile? All of the system activities recorded in the logbook are easy to understand and made available transparently.

Furthermore, we always have a sympathetic ear for our investors and improve our reporting accordingly.

„In our monthly report for your PV system, you will immediately be able to see whether the figures are correct. You will have a full overview of all activities. We stand by our performance and offer 100 percent transparency.“

Paul Chaloupka
CEO, greentec services gmbh


greentec services offers a range of modularly coordinated services for the entire lifecycle of photovoltaic systems. These can be easily combined to match your individual requirements. We cover maintenance work or regular upkeep of green areas. We check whether the solar modules need to be cleaned, and commission competent partners on site. If necessary, our technicians renew the individual components or optimise the entire system. We enforce warranty claims against suppliers or settle cases of damage with insurance.

Good to know: We review the economic efficiency of all measures before implementing them. This is done so that you do not incur any unnecessary expenses that affect your yield.

In the course of our lifecycle management we coordinate a smooth execution of the following services, which can be assigned individually.

Thermographic inspection of your solar modules

The solar modules used in a photovoltaic system are subject to a standardised test carried out by the manufacturers prior to delivery. You will receive a test certificate with details on the actual performance (in contrast to the nominal output) and you can be sure that the modules are working flawlessly.

Defective solar modules are a fire hazard

The thermoelectric properties of solar modules mean that they pose a source of danger if damaged or faulty. Solar modules produce electric direct-current voltage the moment that light falls upon them. By inter-connecting the modules in strings, high enough voltages can be achieved to cause life-threatening electric shocks if live cables with damaged insulations or faulty system components are touched. Furthermore, there is a risk of developing electric arcs that develop an enormous heat of several thousand degrees Celsius.

It is not possible to detect defective solar modules, poor contacts or over-heated components with the naked eye or through current measurements. These are therefore the most frequent causes for fires or defects in photovoltaic systems.

Identifying hot spots and defective components

PV systems installed on roofs should be regularly examined with a thermal imaging camera in order to minimise the fire hazard. Only then can damaged solar modules and components be detected and promptly replaced.

greentec services employees use professional measuring equipment and thermal imaging cameras for thermographic inspection, which aids the identification of dangerous hot spots as well as performance-limiting components.

Recommendations for the safety of your PV system

Our technicians analyse all detected irregularities. Their many years of experience mean that they are familiar with the different fault patterns and are able to interpret these correctly and develop proposals for solutions. The results of the thermographic inspection and our recommendations for the continued approach are recorded in a report.

Only through the thermographic inspection of your PV system can you be certain that the solar modules used provide maximum performance, and that the risk of accidents and fire damages has been reduced to a minimum.

Eye-to-eye with photovoltaic research

Good to know: greentec services works with leading research institutes such as the Austrian Institute of Technology (AIT) and the Munich Fraunhofer Institute in the area of photovoltaics, meaning that we are continually expanding our skills in risk prevention.

„In principle, photovoltaics is very safe. What is important is which components you use and how well your PV system has been constructed. If in doubt, contact us. Before it starts to burn.“

Michael Rindhauser
CTO, greentec services gmbh

Managing green areas for higher yields

Shading caused by trees, bushes or grasses can considerably reduce the yield of your photovoltaic system. In the typical series connection of solar modules, even the smallest shadows on individual modules can lead to significantly reduced currents in a string.

Regular performance measurements and visual inspections of the green areas are necessary in order to avoid this “garden hose effect” and corresponding losses. If required, the plants that cast shadows must be cut back. With our cost-benefit analysis, you can find out whether the gardening alterations pay off. Only then will we start work.

Removing shadowing properly and ecologically

greentec services has a network of partners across Europe in order to organise the necessary gardening for you at a good price, quickly and properly. Our partners know the safety regulations relating to accessing photovoltaic systems. We place great importance on an ecologically flawless interaction with nature and do not use any chemicals. We protect our investment and the environment.

„Depending on the location, shading of your photovoltaic system can be very expensive. Our management of green areas, in contrast, is less expensive for you - gardening that pays off immediately.“

Paul Chaloupka
CEO, greentec services gmbh

Cleaning the modules, inverters and electrical systems

The glass surfaces of advanced solar modules in most locations are kept clean through rainfall. The snow that slips off in the winter months provides for the same effect. The reduced yield caused by “normal” soiling is kept within an acceptable and difficult to measure framework.

Soiling of modules resulting in reduced yield

The soiling of modules significantly depends on the location. Clammy waste gases, bird droppings, sand, dust, pollen, moss, leaves and similar can considerably impair the performance of the modules, leading to substantially reduced yield. The modules installed horizontally are exposed to heavier soiling than those mounted at a greater incline.

The performance of your system should be examined regularly through taking measurements and performing visual inspections. After the data analysis, a possible surplus yield is compared to the costs of a cleaning cycle and then a decision is made as to whether it should be cleaned.

Cleaning only carried out by competent certified specialists

You should have the cleaning of solar modules and remaining components of the photovoltaic system carried out by certified specialists who have the special know-how required in order to prevent damages caused by unsuitable treatment and tools or the incorrect cleaning agent. Even the executing companies need to be aware of the risks of a direct current power generation system in order to prevent life-threatening accidents.

The solar modules of your system should be cleaned with specially prepared water. Normal hard water can lead to performance reducing deposits. greentec services works with selected products, tools and partners in order to guarantee sustainable, thorough and non-abrasive cleaning.

Cost-benefit analysis prior to cleaning

We will only recommend it once it has been ensured that the cleaning costs are actually lower than the resulting surplus yield. You will therefore only pay for this service if it can be demonstrated that it is going to pay off. This means that we avoid unnecessary expenses and your investment is protected as fully as possible.

„It is only necessary to clean your photovoltaic system if it is heavily soiled. Competent experts should be responsible for this. Otherwise the damage could be greater than the benefit.“

Michael Rindhauser
CTO, greentec services gmbh

Inspection of medium-voltage systems

Larger photovoltaic systems are often directly connected to the medium-voltage network. In doing so, you must observe the conditions of the network operator and the standards, regulations and laws, which vary from country to country. greentec services checks whether the country-specific legal requirements are complied with and coordinates the maintenance of your medium-voltage systems where appropriate.

„With us, even PV power systems in medium-voltage networks are in good hands. We operate systems in eight European countries and are aware of the different national requirements.“

Michael Rindhauser
CTO, greentec services gmbh




Renewing components

Over many years, the components of your photovoltaic system are exposed to the weather. The differences in temperature in summer and winter and between day and night can lead to thermal expansion and extreme mechanical loading of the substructure. Fluctuations in atmospheric humidity put a strain on the electrical and electronic components and can lead to the corrosion of contacts and bolted connections.

It is therefore necessary to renew the severely stressed or defective components during the lifecycle of your system. greentec services identifies the parts that need to be renewed during the preventative maintenance and takes care of proper replacement.

„Has your PV system been around for a few years? Then you should think about preventative maintenance. We examine the functionality and wear of all components and, if required, ensure replacement. After that everything runs smoothly again.“

Paul Chaloupka
CEO, greentec services gmbh

Optimising your PV system

It may be necessary to adjust your photovoltaic system for technical innovations and changes in the external environment, in order to optimise the yield.

The reasons for this could be, for example, shadows cast by newly erected buildings, an out-dated software version for the inverter or string wiring that is unfavourable under the changed conditions. With the help of greentec services, you can respond in time and avoid cuts in yield.

Based on an analysis and a subsequent calculation of economic efficiency, we recommend concrete measures to optimise your PV system in such cases.

„Occasionally the framework conditions for your PV system change during terms of up to 25 years. With greentec services, you will discover whether a reconstruction is worth it, and how you can optimise your yield.“

Paul Chaloupka
CEO, greentec services gmbh

Repowering - a rejuvenating cure for your PV system

In recent years, many photovoltaic systems have been established under time pressure or with the use of defective components. The reasons for this were expiring assistance measures, delivery bottlenecks of components and poor planning.

Such first-generation PV systems often do not function economically under present conditions. The yield situation of these systems, however, can be significantly improved in many cases by using new technologies. The keyword is repowering.

Greater yield through new components

In contrast to gradual optimisation, an aged PV system is comprehensively renewed with repowering, in order to re-establish economic efficiency and to maximise yield for its remaining term.

Due to its many years of experience in operating photovoltaic systems, greentec services has the know-how to bring an outdated and uneconomical system in line with the latest technical standards. In a detailed business plan, we will show you if the reconstruction of your system is worthwhile and what yields you can expect after repowering.

„Repowering means that your PV systems works efficiently again during its remaining term, and you can generate maximum yield. This only results in a fraction of the costs that would have been necessary for a new investment in photovoltaics.“

Michael Rindhauser
CTO, greentec services gmbh

Additional services

All You Need

In order to fully complete our 360° operation and maintenance concept, we may offer you several additional services. These ensure that you never need to worry about your investment in renewable energy. Regardless of whether you are going to build or buy a PV system, or you already own your PV plant, we will be always at your side as reliable and trustworthy partner.


During Planning and Construction of PV Systems

Photovoltaic systems are not particularly complex in terms of technology. It is not necessary to have in-depth knowledge of the physical principles and technology used in order to construct a PV system. Just a few simple basic rules need to be complied with during planning and construction.

Poor performance due to defects in construction

Unfortunately, these basic rules continue to be ignored by contracted companies. The reasons for this are the lack of expertise or attempts at saving time and therefore money. Such PV systems that have already been afflicted with defects from the beginning always work below the technically feasible level of performance. High operating costs are also to be expected. After reviews, there are often significant additional costs for retrofitting in order to be able to operate the system according to the legal provisions without endangering the safety of persons and buildings.

Recognising faults and making effective complaints

Unfortunately, most investors and owners of PV systems are unaware of these risks. Without expert knowledge or practical experience it is almost impossible to recognise and evaluate faults and make effective complaints. Furthermore, a yield that may be good initially can also hide the poor quality of a system.

Avoiding problems by using competent partners

By working with us, you can avoid such problems. As specialists for the technical operation of photovoltaic systems, we will give you comprehensive and competent advice from the first considerations of wanting to invest in photovoltaics, up to the approval and certification of your fully set up system.

The greentec services team has already accompanied several investors during the construction of their photovoltaic systems. We have acquired the necessary experience with planning, call for tenders and construction supervision of PV systems throughout Europe. Our technicians are aware of the impact that inappropriately constructed systems can have on daily operation and they know how to prevent this from happening.

With our plan calculations reviewed by banks, finance managers and foundation boards, you will quickly gain a precise overview of the key financial data relating to your planned investment.

Our independence benefits you

Finally, we will support you with the assessment of technologies, components, locations and offers. You will receive an independent opinion from manufacturers and construction companies based on our comprehensive experience in the PV sector. Finally, we will ensure that the contracted companies construct your PV system precisely according to your requirements.

„Photovoltaics is technically quite simple. However, the construction of the PV power system has numerous hidden pitfalls. To ensure that your investment yields profit in the long run, it's best to make your plans with us today.“

Paul Chaloupka
CEO, greentec services gmbh

Taking Charge of

Commercial Management

In addition to the technical, we also offer to take charge of the commercial management, in order to help our customers with their administrative concerns. This includes invoicing with power supply companies as customers of the electricity produced in PV power systems, all official channels, accounting as well as the creation of a year-end report in accordance with the respective national requirements.

„Do you have no time or are numbers a nightmare for you? greentec services offers all services ranging from technical to commercial management from a single source.“

Paul Chaloupka
CEO, greentec services gmbh

Web Portal

for System Monitoring

Our customers - as standard - have access to our web portal to monitor their photovoltaic system. As a result, the basic data is available around the clock. Furthermore, through different access authorisations, further technical details can be consulted according to requirements and technical competence. We also offer this service to customers who do not have a maintenance contract with greentec services. Just contact us if you are not satisfied with the current monitoring of your system.

„Would you like to monitor your PV system effectively? Use our portal service - wherever your system might be located!“

Paul Chaloupka
CEO, greentec services gmbh


and System Certification

Whether you have built or completed a photovoltaic system or are considering acquiring an existing PV system - in each case you should have the technical condition of the system reviewed prior to the take-over.

How good is your PV system actually?

Many PV systems are poorly constructed due to the lack of expert knowledge or due to reasons of maximising of short-term profit. The faults must be recognised and improved or evaluated. Unfortunately, the actual performance of the system cannot be determined using samples or feed-in data. In reality, comprehensive tests and measurements must be carried out in order to be able to assess output.

Recognising and remedying faults

greentec services continuously assesses various photovoltaic systems on behalf of investors, banks and fund managers. We are able to examine and assess the performance of your system with our high-quality measuring equipment. Our experience from our core business - the technical management of PV systems - makes it possible for us to quickly identify faults and offer practicable solutions.

In addition to the electrical and mechanical components, we also examine the surroundings such as the condition of the building and roof, possible shadowing and other factors of influence. Furthermore, all current-carrying components are examined thermographically.

Acceptance protocol as a basis for negotiations

After the inspection, you will receive a comprehensive, clearly arranged log with detailed information on the actual condition of your PV system. You can use this acceptance protocol as a basis for discussions for further negotiations.

„Do not buy a PV system without prior review. It might look good at first but it could bring with it a severe financial risk. If you require technical expertise, just get in touch.“

Pierre Chmiel
CEO, greentec services spain s.l.






Even if the components of photovoltaic plants are technically unpretentious and mechanically quite robust, it’s not always easy to evaluate the quality and performance of PV systems for non-professionals. Quiet often the owners have to trust the constructors, who usually also take care of the technical operation of their plant. Therefore, in many areas it may be advantageous to obtain an independent expert opinion from a technical expert to ensure the maximum duration and at the same time to achieve the best possible profit through optimal performance.

A review of the system by our independent TÜV Rheinland certified expert for photovoltaic systems allows you, thanks to a meticulous inspection of all components, to understand your system right down to the last detail. In our detailed expert evaluation, defective components or material and assembly errors are recorded and the appropriate installation of your system will be checked. You will also get some analyzes on the energy yields and of the performance of your PV system.

Within the scope of our function as TÜV-certified experts for photovoltaic systems, we offer the following services:

  • Completeness checks of offers
  • Monitoring and optimization of your system 
  • Private- and court advisory
  • Expert opinions
  • On-site inspection including power measurement as well as an evaluation protocol
  • Defect and fault analysis of the entire system or individual components
  • Thermographic examination with detailed documentation
  • Consultation and problem solving


On the following you will find some projects out of our O&M portfolio. Please appreciate, that for reasons of data protection and confidentiality, we are not able to present all of our plants. We are happy to give you further information in an one-to-one appointment.

About us

Specialist for the operation of photovoltaic systems

greentec services gmbh is a specialised service provider in the technical management of photovoltaic systems. The company currently operates around 180 ground- and roof-mounted systems with a peak power of approximately 240 MWp.

We have grown rapidly in recent years. Consistent with the tougher requirements of our customers across nine different European countries, we have continuously expanded our infrastructure and network of partners in order to establish our high standards of quality across the board.

Today, we offer investors and owners of PV systems all the technical, commercial and administrative services that help your renewable energy investment thrive.

Our well-qualified employees ensure with technical expertise, attention to detail and proactive action the highest degree of quality, safety and performance in the systems entrusted to us.

With greentec services at your side, you minimize time effort and maximize profit of your PV investment.

If you are interested in a reliable and robust operation of your PV power system with maximum yield, but are not yet sure how to achieve this ideal scenario, we should have a conversation. We look forward to hearing from you!

„At greentec services you will find competent conversational partners and suitable services for the maximum availability of your photovoltaic system. We unburden you of all your technical questions and, if requested, will even take charge of the commercial management.“

Paul Chaloupka
CEO, greentec services gmbh



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